Arcam delta 270-How good is this? Advice needed.

I have tried to find some reviews of the 270 but maybe it is just too old.

What I would like to know is how good is this machine. I have a chance to buy one for $350 locally. With that said, is it worth it? Considering high quality audio gear is not readily available here used. I am willing to pay a premium of $100 because of that since I do not have to deal with shipping damage etc. So lets just say the price is $250.00. It is in excellent cosmetic condition with the remote. I find it makes a very slight squeal on the first tract of a CD. It does not make any noise in other positions. If it is just an annoyance I can deal with it but I need your advice.

Alternatively, what would it cost me to get something new that is just as good or better? I mean a minimum cost scenario. For all I know a new $500.00 CD player will be better and have warranty. I like the sound of the 270 but I have no reference point. I use to think my Yamaha receiver was a good amp and then I purchased a Bryston B60. That just goes to show how much I know about this stuff.

the delta series separates and players are now legendary. it should sound pretty good