Arcam decision

I really need to upgrade my cd player. I have the choice of several Arcam models. One is the CD73@ $700, another is a used cd93 @ $1200 and the last and most costly is the cd192 @$1600. I am stepping up from an older pioneer elite from 1996 so I know all will be a major improvement. I have a rotel amp and B&K pre w/ Snell type D's. I defer to those in the know for assistance with this decision. Thanks.
I am not familiar with the Arcam CD192. Perhaps you are referring to the FMJ-23 or FMJ-33?

As far as choosing between those options, you really should give them a listen and decide how much you value the incremental improvements between models. I have a CD-92, and decided to buy it because I thought it was substantially better than the CD-72, but not so much of a step-down from the FMJ that I would regret saving the few hundred bucks.

As a final note, you may want to consider buying the units off of Audiogon, as it will be substantially cheaper to buy from here than from whatever your current seller is. It seems as if you have a trusted seller and that you're willing to pay a bit of price premium to buy from him (or her). If that's the case, then I'm not going to advise you otherwise. BUT, I thought I might as well toss in my two cents.
Simply, buy the dearest! With Arcam, it's always worth getting the top models. I've owned Alpha 8, Alpha 9, and have extensive experience of CD23t. Each is better, significantly, than the one before. Bear in mind that the older Cd92 has the dCS ring dac in it, a very special component; the latest Cd192 has Wolfsons (4 per channel!) instead. Leave the 73 out of it and compare these two, in yr. own system. If you have to buy without audition, go for the newer 192; it's a cut-down FMJ 33, a player highly regarded everywhere (see Stereophile July 2004). But you must audition at home if at all possible. Matching is everything.
Here is what I think is good sound advice. Figure out what you are able to spend and buy a CD player that costs 150% of that amount. Source components are the single most important element of your audio system. Sure, you're gonna be in hock, but you'll be in heaven all the while....

Listen to Tom
Tom I will follow your advise, Thanks to all!
Get the ring DAC. No question.
I understand dCS raised the asking price on their ring DAC and Arcam said "no" and switched to the Wolfson DACs... it's too bad, because the FMJ 23 is better than the 33. I just talked a friend into buying the CD92 --a demo from a local dealer (and it has the ring DAC) --and he phones all the time to say how much he loves that player.
I agree with Jeff. Pick up a used FMJ CD23T, and you won't have to second guess your decision!
Regarding the ring DAC, the Canadian importer told me it was a price issue to drop it, mainly because the ring DAC was expensive to produce. Apparently the failure rate was very high at the manufacturing level thereby increasing the overall cost.
I have the CD72, found the CD92 fatiguing. Like the 82 with the Wolfsons, haven't heard the 93 or 192. From what I've read the difference between the latter two models is minimal.
I have a cd 92,my opinion,it is not fatiguing what so ever,say at 7 bills or so a steal used.Dont even bother with lower Arcam,i had a cd 72 I thought it would sound better,or assumed it would partly due to the Arcam name,I am surprised it sells at all.The ring dac is outstanding,and I heard as is usually the case a money issue and that is why they dont do it anymore.otherwise buy a Cambridge same dac,s as Arcam,Wolfson,Hey what a concept a decision based on money versus quality.Higher up Arcam I think would be good but do you want to spend that much.You dont see many cd 92 s for sale but if you do grab it.