Arcam CDS27

Has anybody heard this new unit from Arcam? I don't have a local dealer so I would have to travel a ways to hear it. I recently had the opportunity to hear a cd17 and was pleasantly surprised on how musical it was, and the cds27 seems to have all new forms of digital playback(streaming, USB, etc..) built in. I am just wondering if by having everything built in that it may have suffered in the sound quality. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Hey, Sean34. I think your right in that the CDS27 is still too new. So there is not much info on it and many of the other new products Arcam has introduced over the past year.

I hope to get either the CDS27 or the UDP411 from Arcam. The CDS27 uses a different DAC chip than the CD17. The CDS27 uses the same higher end Burr-Brown 1794 chip as the Arcam UDP411 universal player.

Sorry, I can't compare the CD17 to the CDS27. I do know that I've enjoyed the Arcam rDAC and the FMJ A19 amp that I have been using for the past year that I plan on staying with Arcam when I get a new disc player.


Thanks Samac. What is most attractive to me is the ability of the cds27 to take all new digital formats, however, I do still consider sound quality number one.
I have a CDS-27 on order from Audio Advisors. It is due into the States the first week or so in February and then it will be shipped to all the dealers. I am replacing a Oppo 105.
Corgidog59, when you have a chance please give us your impressions of the CD27 and how it compares to the Oppo. Thanks for any insight you can provide.
Corgidog59, please do let us in on your opinion about the unit once you get a little burn-in. Very curious about this unit.
Curious as to why Corgidog59 is replacing the Oppo
While the Oppo 105 is a great performer, the fact is that I am not using it to its fullest capabilities..I rarely if ever watch blu ray. I am not using it as a pre-amp either. Nor am I using its multi channel capability. I am listening to CDs via two L/R interconnects. So, I am going to move it to the family room where it may get more use. I am focusing my main system more in the two channel direction. An important point is that I have read time and time again, that the type D/A converter chip is not the sole determinate of the quality of sound produced by a CD player. Yes, Oppo is using the Saber 9018. But it does not mean its sound is better than another CD player using some other chip. Moreover, I would think at this point in its availability, that most manufactures of CD players would have converted over to the Saber chip. But they haven't. Marantz uses a different chips for example. That kinda tells me that there is more to a CD players sound than the chip it uses. In any event, Arcam has been making great audio equipment to include CD players for a long long time. I like what they have done to the CDS-27 vs previous models. If it is a step back from the Oppo 105, then I will return it and put my $1,500 into something else. I do like the fact that the CDS-27 plays SACDs as I have growing collection. I looked at Emotiva's ERC-3 but that does not play SACDs. I have not copied any of my 700 CDs on to my PC yet. I will do that at somepoint.
Follow up message. I have decided to postpone my purchase of the CDS27 for the moment. I am re-prioritizing my needs. I have decided to invest in a new pair of speakers. The $1,500 I would have spent of the CDS27 will be used as a down payment on the speakers.
Thanks for the update Corgidog59. There is one brief review out on the cds27 now.
I had one on lone from Audio Republic(uk). I also had the Apollo-r to compare.
I'm coming from an Arcam Alpha 7-upgraded to an 8 in 2002.
I've played both on my own set up:
Alpha 8 amp amp and power amp
Quad 11L speakers
Rumour speaker cable
Audio Quest Topaz inter's


Straight out of the box this player proved very detailed.It also made me listen to the music,I mean close my eyes and take in the great depth and imaging.It was however a little bright and some what harsh at the top end...this no doubt to it being new!
After a lot of play and burn-in the player really started to warm up. Rich and wonderful.
Playing Sarah McLachlans afterglow was a real pleasure.I got a sense of the great production and sound staging of this album...I'd never heard before.
Vocals are simply for the pace/timing. Bang on!
The player did struggle a bit with AC/DC. Back in Black sounding a little harsh in the mids. I put this down to the unit being not quite burnt in..sadly I took it back before it was really at it's best.
In all a terrific player with loads of capabilities.
Would I buy one. Yes
How did the Rega Apollo-r compare.

Rega Apollo-R:

Firstly the Rega was well used and burnt in.
It was Richer than the Arcam but not as detailed. It had a more powerful bass sound and perhaps to some a more exciting listen.
Swapping them out I felt the Arcam was the better player as it was more involving to listen to.
The Rega was better with harder music. Hard Rock/Metal etc.
It simply pumped out Metallica the way you want to hear it-loud and proud. The Arcam unit lost the bands aggression a bit and while I could hear more detail in ,Mama Said', it did seem a bit lost.
However, Arcam have always been very neutral in their reproduction. You could say the cds27 showed up some production failings of the music.
I suspect the Rega with the Dac would be better and more rounded than the 27. This though costing another £300. Is it worth it..ummm not sure.
I'd go for the Arcam and will do when I have the funds!
Thanks for the insight. The last Arcam I listened to was the cd73(well burned-in)with the Wolfson dac. I liked it quite a lot and definitely didn't find it bright or harsh. I wonder if the cds27 sounded a little harsh due to the Burr Brown dacs...most likely because it was not burned-in.
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