Arcam CD92 , CD93 or CD192 ?

Hi, Has someone compared these 3 cdplayers ?
Which is best ?
I use Arcam DV88+ as cdplayer now and wonder if its worth upgrading to one of these cdplayers ?

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Hi Mats,

I do own both the DV88+ and the cd192. Allthough de DV88+ sounds great in reproducing cd's it is does not even come close to the cd192.

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I also picked the 192-T after i auditioned everything made by NAD, Cambridge Audio, Rotel and Arcam, also Audio Analogue in that price range and below. The selection where i live is limited.
I've heard the CD92 (Ring DAC) and CD93 (upsampling to 24/192). Both were excellent with a distinct absence of the graininess that gives digital a bad name, but the latter had more presence and better dynamics, and I preferred it. I believe the CD192 is the same as the 93 except for a different transport section.
Thanks Maclogan !
cd92t player
Dont know how these are , have a CD33 since oct 2005.