Arcam CD73t or Rega Planet 2000

Can get both for $400 new, anyone think one is overall better than the other?
Sandaman, where can you get these cd players for $400 new? That is a great deal! I have heard the Rega and was very impressed with its detail and overall non-fatigueing listening experience. I hear that the new Rega Apollo is much better sounding than both of these, but it will set you back $1000.

I have owned both players at various times: they are both truly excellent. If you could swing it, purchase both and sell the one you care for least -- I doubt you would lose any money here.

Sonically, the Planet is very, very smooth and laid back. The Arcam fishes out more detail and dynamics, but at the expense of musicality (sounds much more digital). Again, either way they both are excellent, especially for the price offerred you!
oops, not new, $400 used
I would personally go with the Rega Planet 2000. I have auditoned both. But if you have the upgrade bug, I found the Rega Planet 2000 to be able to keep up better with higher grade gear. I.e. in a medium budget set-up (e.g. NAD/Arcam/Rotel/Marantz-type) both will give very good performance. I repeated the test connected to higher grade gear in the form of a Conrad Johnson CAV 50. The Rega really started to shine. In fact, oddly enough the Arcam CD72 sounded better (i.e. more musical as opposed to mechanical sounding) than the Arcam CD73 ! I looked to the dealer for some explanation: he just shrugged his shoulders.

I know have a Rega 2000 feeding a Conrad CAV 50 and Totem Model 1 speakers.
Marc, I have a Bryston b60 and signet sl280ex
I was fortunate enough to have access to a dealer that carries Rega, Arcam & Bryston. Hopefully if you can find such a dealer in your neck of the woods, you could carry the comparison in a set-up that mimics your own and then you'll be able to judge for yourself which CD player works better for you. The Bryston is a nice amp and definitely not entry level stuff.

You may want to enquire whether the dealer still carries a used Cd72 just for kicks.
no such luck with someone carrying all three ...

why the cd72 , as opposed to the newer cd73?
I have heard some say they like the sound of the 72t more than the 73...

I cannot verify that, but I can say that I enjoy the sound of the 72t tremendously.
I have had both in my system.
I do not think that the Arcam 73t is more 'detailed' than the Rega Planet 2000. I think that the detail levels they retrieve are similar, but that the presentation of the Rega is subtler and can give the impression of 'less' detail. Be sure that you have enough clearance for the top loading rega if you go that way.

When I was auditioning the 73T it was a fairly balanced player, except we found a few audio tracks where it utterly fell apart. Namely, anything at the top end of the frequency spectrum. I'll link to my original roundup on Audio Asylum so you can read in detail if you'd like.
Here is one more to consider,even if you just went and bought just for a quick listen,you might be amazed,Arcam cd92 or a cd23,with the ring dac.I preferred it over the cd 33,actually it was quite easy.