Arcam CD73 comments

I'm wondering what people have to say about this cdp. I'll be purchasing somehting in the next couple months and my budget is right around 500 dollars. I've also considered the music hall cd25. I really would like a jolida but its currently out of my pricerange and will be untill I get out of college, so thats not an option.
listen to a Rega Planet 2000. I see them used on here for $600. very musical, with a great sense of rhythm. but I have also heard great things about the Arcam. or an NAD 521 and you can spend the extra money on CDs....
I just bought the CD73 about 10 days ago and love it. I have about 30 hours on it now and it continues to improve with use. I think it is the best deal going in a sub $1K unit. I am very happy with mine !!

PS --- I like at the Rega players and did not like the top loading players and it was about $200 more expensive than the Arcam.