arcam cd73 at end of life span?

i'm in the market for a new cd player...

i've listened to the azur 640c, will be listening to the Rega Apollo, and am considering listening to the Arcam CD73.

My question is this - while everyone seems to agree that the Arcam is a great player, with recent upgrades at their price points from Rega and Cambridge Audio, do you think that the cd73 will be replaced/updated any time soon? does it still hold its own at it's price point, and is it worth the price difference over the very strong azur 640c?
Recently I was in the market for a new redbook CDP. I narrowed my choices to the Naim CD5i, Arcams CD192t (not the 73T) and the Apollo.

Vast majority recommended the Naim, but nearly everyone said if cost was an issue go with the Apollo and chose it over 192.

That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but these were the recommendations I received.
Who knows,Id like to hear the Apollo,but most likely will wait until their Saturn player comes out,but try the Apollo it sounds like it should bereally good.As for Arcam I didnt care for the 33 after using it for a few months,went back to a Arcam cd92.
A used Bel Canto DAC2 will run you what the new CD73 costs, but will beat it by a nice margin. Even connected to your DVD player. This is a better approach IMO. Smoother, richer sound with less of digital grain.