ARCAM CD73 and CD73T?

What is the diff. betw. the ARCAM CD73 and CD73T?

Also, just want to mention, that I really enjoy reading the various posts and how everyone here shares their enjoyment of good quality audio.
I believe the "T" designates the ability to read CD-Text. Some CDs have Album/Artist name and track data encoded on them. A player needs to have the ability to decode that information in order to display it.

you are correct sir!
If you are thinking about purchasing this player, you may want to gather slightly more funds and purchase the cd 23. I had a 73T and it was good. The CD 23 is significantly better and can be had for as low as $700 here on Audiogon. Don't worry about the 'T' designation as it does nothing for improving the sound quality.

I heartily recommend the CD 23.
owned a 192, not bad, but for the 1500.00 a cambridge 840C, even a 740 C, had them side by side, by by Arcam