Arcam CD33 vs Naim CD5 vs Sim Audio Nova

Very interested if anyone has really compared these three players. Would love to get feedback even if only two are compared of just the impression of one compared to others out there. I am seriously looking at the Arcam CD33. raves about the CD23 but so do the reviews for the Naim CD5. In fact, the Naim reviews seem to point to the dynamics being a lot better when compared to the CD23. One person here compared the CD23 and CD33 directly at a store and home. He said that the dynamics (bass) is a lot better as well as the sparkle and extension, etc. I have read two reviews on the Naim CD5 that agree the top end is rolled off and definitely on the warm side of neutral. This is probably why the Naim gives a greater relaxed or more analog appeal.

Anyway, please let me know what you audiophiles think out there. I would be using it with my Theta Casablanca (analog direct route), McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe amp and Aerial Acoustic 7 speakers for a reference out there in case system matching usually makes a difference.

I Purchased the CD33 a week ago along with Krell's KAV 300iL amp and B&W Nautilus 803's.
I auditioned the Arcam against The Krell KAV 280CD and Primare's D30.2 CD player.
Myself and my friend both agreed i should choose the CD33 as we prefered its sound.
I couldnt hear much between the Krell and the CD33(not €4000 price difference thats for sure). Only that the Krell had slightly more Bass power ,although you could never say the Arcam is anyway short on bass power.
tha Arcam even seemed quicker.
The CD33 is also very precise and detailed and involves you in the music, makes you want to tap your foot or get up and dance.
As for the primare, unless your only use for music is to send you to sleep, steer clear. It was totally lacking in any excitement and emotion.
My advice is buy the CD33 with confidence.
Regards Matt Hoyle
I can't say I've heard any of these players - I have a rather more expensive naim player (CDS2/XPS) and what I can say is that naim do things differently - very differently.

Some people "click" with naim's style, so it's important that you *hear* the CD5 and trust your ears, hopefully you have a naim dealer nearby who can indulge you. Reviewers are entitled to their opinion, but *your* opinion is the only one that matters.