Arcam CD23 FMJ skipping

Does anyone know what the Sony optics are for this unit. The player is skipping on all cds now. I asked Arcam but they said they do not offer replacement optics for this unit any more. I asked what model Sony optics it was but they wouldnt reply. Local shop wants $300+ to repair.
Open it up and look on the laser assy for a model number. That's how I found mine, then bought one on ebay.
I don’t think your skipping problem is being caused by a faulty laser assembly or a bad spindle motor not ramping up to the proper speed

If either of these components were bad, you would get a “DISC ERROR” or “NO DISC” message in the display window because the disc couldn’t be read

You may have a simple fix .... I'll bet the factory lubricant on the rails that the laser sled rides on, has dried up, and is causing the laser sled to momentarily bind or stall when the sled comes in contact with it instead of moving freely along it's pathway.

When the laser binds and/or stops momentarily ... it loses lock with the flags on spinning disc’s data stream and it's ability to read the disc and skips

It will skip until it can move past the dried lubricant spot and re-locks and reads the data stream again

Because your player is playing fine except for some momentary skipping .. I think the Laser and Spindle Motor are OK and that the dried up lubricant is stalling the laser sled causing it to lose lock and skip

Try cleaning and lubing up the rails that the laser sled rides on, and I'll bet that solves your problem

Few people alleviate this problem by applying tine drop of oil to plastic gearing.

Are you sure lens is clean?
Replacing the entire transport is pretty easy if you can get one. It couldn't possibly cost too much. Good luck