Arcam CD17 or Oppo BDP 103?

Looking to get a new CD player for my system consisting of Arcam AVR 280 amp and SA Mantra 50 speakers.
The Arcam CD17 or the Oppo BDP103 can be had for $500.
Either player will be used for CD play back only.
Which one should I pick?
If CD only, why waste money on a DVD? However, the 103 will play flash drives, portable hard drives and even stream from your PC. Quite a flexible unit with a nice remote and great customer service too.
If it's really CD only, I would get the Arcam. No TV needed for setup and you can use one Arcam remote for the whole system. Plus, dedicated players are usually better than multi-format on CD replay.
+ 1 on getting a quality CDP instead of a Blu ray spinner

As good as the OPPO is for playing movies, the ARCAM or other standalone cdp will best it for music .... Hands down

The latter quality-built gear generally have far superior DACs and power supplies compared to a Blu ray player.

let's also remember everything is built to a price point

There mare many other similar redbook and SACD players to consider: REGA, NAIM etc.
Good hunting.
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Thanks for the response and I ended up getting the Arcam CD17 and very happy.