Arcam CD-92 - CD PLayer

I bought a used Arcam CD-92 (CD Player) and I loved the digital to analog output from it up until a year ago. When the player was turned on it would put out static along with the signal. After 20 or so minutes the static would go away leaving the proper sound output. Now no matter how long I allow it to so call warm up, the static doesn't go away. Being an electronics technician I open the player up looking for any failed component visually as well as doing some meter checks for good continuity, even resoldered some suspect connections. It didn't make any improvement with that process. To me it seems like there is a problem with the power supply side of the player like maybe a filtering cap. Anybody experience anything like this or a reputable place to send/take it to. I live outside of Detroit, Mi. Any suggestions are truly appreciated.

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Leave it on all the time.  It will sound better and you'll avoid the problem.