Arcam CD-33T FMJ vs Rega Jupiter 2000

Has anyone demoed both of these for an opinion???
Would like to hear all pros and cons ,or input on either
Time to upgrade my old Denon CDC-3520 which really isn't that bad.(I also was just thinking of putting a DAC (Channel Islands or Bel Canto)on the Denon)
Opinions on that upgrade also appreaciated.....
I recently had the opportunity to take my Jupiter 2000 to my local Hi-Fi dealer to demo these 2 players side by side. We used the same equipment for both players, just unpluged one player , and pluged in the other. I listened to the same CD through both, listening to the Arcam CD33T first, then the Jupiter. It only took a few seconds of the first song, to hear the Jupiter sounded MUCH better. The Jupiter had better over all toneality, and was much more "in time". The Jupiter also had better bass, and was just plain more musical. IMHO, The Rega Jupiter 2000 is way under rated. It is truley a giant killer. You could find one hear on Audiogon for about $1000, and its worth every cent!
I'm sorry you didn't get more timely responses to this, but I need to go on record as strongly disagreeing with the previous post. The CD-33 is fairly uniformly considered superior to the Jupiter 2000. The Rega Planet was a great player, but Rega hasn't captured the same magic in CD players since when compared to the best competition at a given price point (now with turntables, like the wonderful P-3, that is an entirely different matter).

While I prefer the cheaper Linn Genki to the CD-33 FMJ, there is enough of a distinct difference in presentation that reasonable people may certainly differ. The CD-33 is very nice.
I think it's a matter of taste. Jupiter is more musical while the CD33 more exact and precise.
I compared the Rega Jupiter 2000 to the Arcam 73T and prefered the Arcam! Must be one of those system synergy things because the Arcam presented information that was just missing on the Rega. I also thought the Arcam had better PRAT as well. I have tried the Rega a couple of times and though it is easy to listen too it just doesn't match well with my system.
I used to have the FMJ CD23(with "ring" DAC), which was stolen. I really liked that machine. For a replacement I demoed the Arcam CD33 (with "upsampling") and Jupiter 2000. I preferred the Jupiter 2000 for my own reasons. I did'nt like the new CD33 as well as my older CD23. I'm not a big fan of "upsampling". In short they are both excellent machines in different ways. The Arcam for imaging, and the Rega for Dynamics. If you want more details, I review the Jupiter 2000 on