Arcam AVR600 vs Marantz AV8003

I own a Marantz AV8003 and its great. However I am tempted to switch to the new AVR600 by Arcam. I would use it as only a pre/pro running my Halo A21 and Cinepro. I use to own a AV9 and loved it for two channel. I cant afford the up and coming AV888. Thoughts, comparisons would be deeply appreciated. Im mostly concerned about the Dacs for two channel as Im sure they both do great for HT.
the AVR600 had lots of software issues i would think twice before going in that direction. i bought mine from American Theater on agon and it was nightmare!!
dealing with arcam and american theater imho stay away from both.
I have also read about some bugs and was hoping that they fixed them all. Maybe not. I got rid of my old NAD because I felt as if I spent more time upgrading software then I did listening to it. Dont want to go down that path again. Not when my AV8003 operates perfectly. Anyone out there with a 100 percent, no issue AVR600?