Arcam AVR600 bi amp

I have recently purchased an Arcam AVR 600. I am using it in a 5.1 setup and probably wont be using the 6th & 7th channel until summer for my patio speakers. The manual says that you can assign these channels to bi-amp your front L&R speakers, but do not go into any more detail.Just curious if anyone has tried this and what success they have had.
I biamp my speakers at home with the avr600. It allows you to reassign those channels for your mains for extra power. I had great results from doing this. I noticed respose, clarity, and dynamics improve. So instead of the typical 120 watt per/ch for your mains, it will be 240 watts (potentially)

If your mains have extra binding posts, i would give it a go and see what you think. Obviously results may very. Also be sure to remove those binding brackets between terminals. If you leave the brackets on you'll short out the amp causing damage to your avr.

I used to biamp with my older Arcam Avr300. I think it helped but some people dont buy into biamping with a receiver. Just be sure to realize that u wont be doubling your power as some people think. Your tweeters will never ever come close to needing or using a full 120 watts. Now if you could bridge those channels i would think it would be more of a noticable difference.

I know this is a late response.

I am running Dali Helicon speakers with the AVR600. Honestly i tried it both with and without biamping. I didn't feel it was necessary. Difference was minimal at best and far more difficult to setup properly. The Dali's are 4 ohms so this unit has more power than I can ever use even in a large room. Instead I ran the additional 6 & 7th output to make it a 7.1 system. Was worth doing although there aren't many 7.1 discs out there the EX material does OK but in 7.1 it is amazing what this receiver can do.