Arcam AVR300 Video Problem

I bought my AVR300 few days ago. After I hooked up everything. The audio portion is working perfectly. The vidoe is problem. No matter what video signal I sent in, nothing come out from AVR 300. It is including the OSD. I am using the composite monitor out to my TV. This is very simple set up. Anyone can help on fixing this problem.
Very hard to help in this format. I have an AVR300, and I have been very pleased with it, going on my second year now. Make sure you are assigning the inputs correctly. Grab a beer, sit back and read the owners manual very carefully. It can be a little tricky. You will get it eventually, or the unit is defective.

I have heard few criticisms of the unit, so I doubt that is the case. If it is, then you should have no problem getting warrantee service. Mine is at service now getting firmware updates and a fix of a small problem with the subwoofer out. It's costing me nothing.
Some pieces,such as a dvd recorder I have, only outputs video thru composite. Only then, can you see the onscreen menu and then assign the video to what ever cable type you want to use.---Oh, in this case;it never says so in the manual.(Gateway) Some pieces have complex hookups and some have crappy instr. manuals.---Oh, and sometimes it is the end user. I usually never read; unless I have to.
I am pretty sure the settings are set based on the manual. My DVD player component out is working because I tested it by connecting directly to my TV. My last trial is connect the AVR300 composite monitor out directly to my TV. I suppose to have OSD on my TV but I received a blank screen. Seems no Video signal out at all.
The first thing to do is to do a factory reset, push the 'fm mute/mono' button and the 'preset/tune' buttons at the same time. The display will say 'reset reqd?' and then you push the 'ok' button. After that, it should work ok (you will have to re-do your choices on delays, volumes and tones). If it does not, check your tv display and the cable, and if both of those are fine, then the receiver has a problem, please take it immediately to your dealer, or if you have none, contact Audiophile Systems LTD at 317-841-4100 x222 for a service return authoriziation.