Arcam AVR300/Sony 60XS video problem.

I'm having an issue with my AVR300 displaying it's setup menu. I have the AVR300's monitor out to my Sony KDF-60XS 60" video 1 in via an Audioquest Video 1 cable and I'm getting a rolling screen. How can I adjust/fix that? It just started doing it recently. All of my other inputs on the TV are working fine.

Thanks for any help.
I assume you only have this problem with the Arcam menu?? You might check the manual and see if that input has been "selected" within the menu. Another thing you might try is a different type of connection,such as a standard rca video cable, in that I assume this cable is only for viewing the menu??
Thank you for your input,

Yes, it only happens with the Arcam setup menu. Basically, I just need to find some 'vertical hold' adjustment. The next time I move the TV and everything else, I'll try a different cable. I've never had problems with that cable in similar situations though. Isn't the AQ Video One basically just an RCA composite cable? I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say to make sure that the input has been "selected" within the menu.

Thanks again.
Try shutting off your AvR300 and powering it back up again. I had that problem and that's what worked for me
Thanks again for the input everyone,

What Merlocpm said worked. I was adjusting some wires one day and had the AVR300 unplugged so when I hooked everything back up, the menu was fine.

Hope this helps with anyone else that experiences this problem.

Thanks again.