Arcam AVR300 problem

My amp seems to have dificulty reading the audio signal coming from the DVD player. I'm running a digital cable only, but the amp reads it as analogue so I get no sound. It used to work fine so the set-up is fine. It used to try to switch back and forth, but now I get nothing.

Has anyone else had this trouble and know how to deal with it? Arcam hasn't returned my email yet so I thought I'd try you guys. Any ideas or possible solutions?

Thanks -
I have a AVR280 so it might be different, but check that your digital input is turned on and to the DVD input on the menu. On the 280 you can switch the input for different devices and I believe say none if desire. My kids screwed mine up with the remote and it took me some time to figure it out. The sat was playing through the DVD inputs and vice versa.
I have had this problem also. If you unplug the digital cable and plug it back in it almost always fixes the problem. You can also turn it off and back on again. This always works for me.

You may be experiencing what all the AVR2XX-3XX units are and will be experiencing: overheated motherboards.

Except for units MADE since March, there will be a 100% failure rate within 3-4 years, sooner if left on all the time.

Get it to warranty service before 3 years warranty expires; the new motherboards fix the issue, but out of warranty it's a $600 repair or more.
New mains boards on the AVR350 were initiated after SN#s AVR3505419 if that is a help at all.
My AVR350 will not recognize the CD input until I turn the CD player off and on again. Could this be the same problem?

Also, regarding the warranty, I thought the warranty was only 2 years, and not 3. Is that so?
I'm so glad i stumbled on this 350 stopped getting signal from my optical cable via the DVD...I moved it to the SAT input which now works but I just left it there...was it makes sense! Thanks
I am having same problem here with the AVR350, can anybody provide information on how to fix this?
I read somewhere someone saying that it is just a matter of changing one capacaitor, but not saying which?
If that is main board issue, where can I get such boards?
Anyone knows about good shop around sacramanto to get it fixed?
I hear this is a known problem with low quality diods on power supply for DSP - if anyone knows which are they, I could replace them myself