Arcam AVR300 Amp Upgrade

I presently have an Arcam AVR300 running Totem Hawks(Mains), Totem Model1 Sig Center and Smaller Totems for surrounds. I watch alot of movies but also listen to music Clapton,DMB, etc.. I am wanting to add a bit more power to the sytem and thought about going with a separate Amp, using the AVR300 as a Preamp. My room is aprox, 13x18. Would like to keep the cost below $2,000. Thanks!

Check out some stereo Brystons if you want to get close to your budget maximum. The only time I've heard Totems was with a Bryston, and it sounded gorgeous. Putting the Brystons on the fronts will definitely free up the receiver to give even more power to those other speakers (though that Arcam should be good enough as it is).

If you wanted a multichannel amp, a used Sunfire should be in your range. Good luck!
Thanks Gebby44, I have been looking at Brystons. I'll see who carrys them in my area and go down to have a listen.