Arcam AVR + Tektons

Starting a home theater from scratch. Room is 14’ wide x 16’ long (open in the back) with 10’ ceilings. Speaker placement will be somewhat restricted (fireplace, shelving, big leather sectional). Want the system to be musical first - musical tastes tend to center on adult alternative/indie and rock played from my iPod.

I’m leaning toward an Arcam AVR (either the 360 or 400) for simplicity and ability to carry music and one of the Tekton home theater 5.2 set-ups (either the M-Lore or Enzo). I don’t tend to jump on the latest thing, so looking for a system that will keep me happy for a while.

1) Is it worth the upgrade to the Arcam AVR400 (+15 wpc and beefier toroidal power)?
2) Any thoughts on the Arcam + Tekton fit?
3) Are the Enzos too much speaker for my AVR/room/needs?

Also welcome any recommendations if I seem to be veering into the woods.
I like the Enzo's a lot but in your room I would be worried they will overload it. But give it a try they have 30 money back.
Arcam avr400 will give you the power you need and then some, on the Arcam, base is awesome, your speakers are sensitive aprox 90-92db so you shouldn't have any problems.
I have the Merlin vsm speakers sensitivity is 89 db, and the Arcam delivers, I've had the avr400 for about 2 years and never had an issue with it, its also 3D ready if you're looking in the future.
good luck!
I look forward to hearing the Tektons at some point. Not sure how they get the efficiency and sensitivity out of a basic driver and woofer combination.
Anyone know if anything about the crossover on these? Is it possibly some sort of simple or even crossoverless design by any chance?