Arcam AVR-600 or NAD T785HD?

I have a Rotel RSX-1560 in my study and would like to buy another AVR for my living room 7.1 system. Have been looking at the above AVR's. Which one should I buy? I like the modular upgrade feature of the NAD, but the Arcam has some really good reviews. Price is not a driver.

I have the AVR-300. The AVR-600 is a beast with the digital inputs, XRL inputs, and optional rDock provides a great platform for your iPod. I don't know if the 1080p video scaling is as good as Anthems.
LaPierre - Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts. Your experience with the AVR-300, has it been positive? I mean, I want to buy an AVR and enjoy it for many years to come. I would value your recommendation for an AVR.
The AVR-300 has been positive for me. It is quiet which is important when your listening to dialog from a movie and it does it's job when switching to different sources (cable, DVR, CD, iPod). Size is also another plus as some of the other AVR were too big. Also, study the back of the AVR so you know what your getting into for cable management. I'm saying this because when I connected all my cables for source I under estimated the space the cables used

The only thing negative is the on screen interface for setup. It's black and white and I've seen better interfaces on components that are in color and easier navigation and selection using tabs.

My center channel speaker (Vienna Acoustics Haydn) is power by the AVR-300 and it sounds wonderful
Lapierre - Thanks a lot for the info. I joined audigon for input just like that.