Arcam AVR 350 or Marantz SR 6005

Posted a question a few weeks ago for comments as to best AVR receiver for my Vandersteen model 2C's. Have it narrowed down to the Arcam AVR350 or the Marantz SR6005.Any comments? Thanks!
Arcam typically makes a better sounding receiver. If I'm not mistaken the AVR350 your interested in has an outdated feature set. Some further research may reveal some reliability issues with that model.

I'd suggest looking into the latest NAD receivers which many have reported to have a very nice audio presentation.
An older post, you've probably already moved, but:
I'm 100% with Vicdamone (great voice this guy).
Arcam does indeed make good sounding electronics. Very sweet and smoothe...better IME than the Marantz...which is saying a lot as Marantz makes good--just not as good as Arcam.

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