Arcam AVR 300 need help

I just got a arcam avr 300. I have everything hooked up correctly but for some reason under satellite and DVD mode, PCM is lit up on the display. I am getting no sound as a result of this. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? Thanks
I also have this piece, and have found Arcam tech support to be pretty resposive on roughly a 24-hour basis. Have you contacted them, and they just aren't able to help you?
didnt bother to call. i assumed they are in england. didnt want to call overseas.
I meant via e-mail.
AV Forums ( is an England-based site that features an Arcam owners' forum. Arcam management and engineers regularly reply to posts, as do a large number of Arcam owners and dealers. You could try posting there.
First person I would call is the dealer - if you bought from a dealer.

The other contact would be the Arcam USA distributor, Audiphile Systems Ltd, in Indianapolis: 317-849-7103/317-841-4111. I've always had very good tech support from these guys, and if there's a problem with your unit, it'll go back to them in Indy for repair.