Arcam AVP700 with Pass Labs X5 amp, good match?

I'm new to the forum and had a question about my system, I'm have thiel 2.3 speakers for the right and left, the scs1 for a center channel and powerplane in wall thiels for the surround speakers. I have a Pass Labs x5 amp with 125 watts per channel powering the system.

I'm trying to pick a processor and leaning heavily toward the arcam avp700 for the money because I'm afraid of all the coming changes in processor's and I don't want to sink a lot of money into a procesor and then have new features come out I want. I haven't seen anything on this forum about the avp700 and wondered if anyone had any experience with it.

My main reason for selecting it is the avp700's excellent reputation for producing fantastic 2 channel music, but I'd like others input/thoughts.

Thanks you.
At that price range, I don't think the Arcam has a rival. You'd easily have to spend twice as much to beat it. And even then, that might be more for home theater processing than 2 channel, which the Arcam does excel at.
Thanks for your help Friz, sounds like I'm looking in the right direction...