Arcam Alpha Speaker Matching

I am having a hard time narrowing down my search for speakers to go with an Arcam system including an Arcam Alpha 9, 10P, and 8se cd player. Could anyone with experience with the Alpha range let me know what kinds of speakers you have with your systems? I have not decided how much I am willing to spend so any feedback is much appreciated.

I have owned the Arcam Alpha 10 amp and Alpha 8 CD player. I used the Arcam to drive B&W CDM1SE speakers and the sound is pretty good although not spectacular. I would suggest getting some speakers that are easy to drive since the Alpha 9 or 10 is not the most powerful amp around.
My brother has been driving a pair of Meadowlark Heron i's with his Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amp for the past five years or so, and the synergy is great. Meadowlark has been out of business for several years now, so the speakers are orphaned, unfortunately. On the plus side, however, Meadowlark speakers are typically available for bargain prices. The Heron i's are easy to drive and offer excellent performance. They use first-order crossovers to achieve superb coherence and natural sound with acoustic instruments and voices.
Vandersteen 1C's would sound wonderful with your Arcam gear. Please see my response to your 7/11 thread.
Thanks Ryder, Cincy_bob, and Adam 18 for your feedback. I think I am leaning towards the Vandersteens due to the price and my limited experience with my father's 2CE signatures. Since I am biamping, I think that I will have adequate power for the speakers. Thanks again.

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