Arcam Alpha 8R with Alpha 10P

I am new to the two channel stereo game and am interested in biamping. Currently I have an Arcam Alpha 8 (50 wpc) and am looking for a comparable power amp (either 8P or 9P). I have not been able to find one after looking for months and I have found an Alpha 10P (100 wpc). Would this work in any type of scenario or are the differences in power too large to sound balanced?

If biamping is out of the question, could these two work together to run a set of monitors and a subwoofer (or maybe two)?
I believe the amps would need to have the same gain in order to keep the volume tracking correctly from both drivers. I do not know if the Alpha 8 and Alpha 10P have the same gain. However, I have e-mailed the US distributor Audiophile Systems Limited a few times in the past with questions and they were very helpful. I would suggest you contact them. Here is a link to their Support Page:

Hopefully they will be able to answer your question.


Thanks Reubent,I really appreciate your input. I emailed them this morning so we'll see how it goes.