Arcam Alpha 7 - Worth Keeping or Selling

Hi Guys -
I have an Arcam Alpha 7 amp that is having some issues - the sound gets really scratchy when mess with the volume and I occasionally I get fuzz out of my left speaker. Is this a known problem? Something I can fix by cleaning? Is it even worth selling this little guy or do they go right to the dumpster? Thanks!

I forgot to add - the volume knob feels crunch sometimes. Will some "pot-lube" fix that?
Great amp for the money. Get some Tuner cleaner from Rat Shack and squirt the hell out of it (volume potentiometer)and turn it back and forth. Let it set for 1 hour, repeat. Reassemble and enjoy. Should take care of the problem.
Hmmm, unfortunatley it didnt work. I think the potentiometer is broken. Is this difficult to replace? I am handy with a soldering iron...
the amp is a snap to disassemble. the pot should be easy to replace, but if it is a remote-controlled unit, it may be costlier and/or a challenge to source.
Do people buy these things in this condition? I take it I cant just get any 'ole pot at the radio shack?
Eh, I put it on fleebay. I guess we'll see what happens.