arcam alpha 7 upgrade to alpha 9 or go to a cd92?

Okay, I've been toying with what to upgrade next or whether to enter the HT arena, etc. I think the weak link in my system is my cdp, an arcam alpha 7, and i'm starting to lean towards this as my next step.

I just called the arcam dealer and he is checking on whether they can get the upgrade board to the alpha 9 which i believe would cost me around $800-900 to have installed (price diff + installation fee). He also mentioned that they have the arcam cd92 on sale for $1299 and said that he thought it was a good step up from the alpha 9.

So I guess the question is how does the Alpha 9 compare to the CD92 and maybe even the FMJ CD23 (even though this one is most likely out of my price range). I'd like to keep it around $1000 and maybe could go a little more than that.

I have seen many reviews of the alpha 9, mostly good, and several very good of the CD23 (including a good one in stereophile). But i have not heard much about the CD92? What gives here, did arcam miss on this one, or it just didn't catch on or what?

my system:

arcam alpha7
aragon 18k
aragon 4004mkII
thiel CS2
jps and harm tech IC's
Transparent speaker cable
virtual dynamics pc's
I own the cd72t and am also wondering the same questions as mine can be upgraded. Although for the money it would cost to modify my player to 92 capabilities, i could purchase a used FMJ CD23 on this website. you might want to consider that route if you don't mind a used player.
A cdp is the one component that I'm a little leary of buying used. Maybe I am overly cautious, but it would seem to be a little more fragile than a preamp or amp. So I haven't decided for sure. Still leaning towards actually going with my dealer for the cdp. Though it is tempting to try going with used for the fmj.

And my dealer told me that the cd23 is actually d/c-ed and is being replaced by the cd33. SO actually can't get that one from the dealer anymore, and the cd33 will retail for $2500! ouch. I guess the cd92 is changing to the cd93 sometime soon as well
The Alpha 9 indeed has a FAR better rez and midband naturalness than the 7, but STILL has relatively poor PRAT, which I would ghope the FMJ addresses. My local dealer DOES think the new ones are better, but MAYBE not equal to the FMJ....
I may be viewed as a heretic, but the 72 sounds better than the FMJ. Listen carefully and with your own equipment. The 72 is a sleeper.
Actually I was told on this board that alpha 9 is the older version of FMJ player (FMJ is based on alpha 9 with some improvements). So in sound quality alpha 9 is between cd92 and FMJ.
The upgrade for the alpha 7 to the 9 is no longer available as the ring dac has been discontinued.This is why the fmj23 is being replaced by the 33 which does not use the ring dac.So if you can find a used 92 or even better by some distance a fmj23 go for that.
Although I have no experience with the Alpha 7,I just recently sold my Alpha 6 and bought a cd92.The improvement was not subtle.More detail,better bass, and non fatiguing.I compared the cd92 to the Musical Fidelity 3.2 and the Linn Genki.The genki was the best but the deal I got on the Arcam was very good and enough to make me buy the Arcam.Price aside, the cd92 is a damn fine player.a better power cord will help it also. Happy listening.