Arcam A70 or NAD C72 for Vandersteen

Hey, everybody, several people have recomended these two intagrateds. Does anyone have any opinions, about these amps.
Thanks, very much.
Sorry I didn't include which Vandersteens in my first post.
I have the 1cs
I would also consider the Outlaw receiver. It has a little more dynamic drive and power than either of the two you have listed.
My experience with Arcam and Nad is that Arcam tends to be a little more articulate and refined while the Nad delivers more current /power and has better drive.

Both are a touch warm sounding.

I have not heard your speakers so I wont make a reccomendation.
I too have 1cs and they are very easy to drive. Right now I am using a CJ CAV50 integrated at 45 WPC into 8 Ohms. This is plenty of power for them. Arcam, Outlaw and NAD will work fine, just a matter of personal choice. You might also want to consider Musical Fidelity and Bryston.