Arcam A49 Integrated

I just purchased this amp 2 days ago on ebay brand new.
Since there are no reviews yet figured I'd give first impressions.
I recently had Hegel H300 but found it to "rich" sounding for my taste.Immediately I hear Arcam sounds more neutral.
I also hear the amp which is Class A for the first 50 watts noticably clear and musicial..I've heard higher resolution from Bryston seperates but sound is good to very good.
I"m breaking it in and will have more insight next week.
I use Meridian cd player/Rega TT and Audioquest comet cables.

The current issue of Absolute Sound has a short review of the A49 that is quite positive.
That thing probably hasn't even had a chance to warm up yet . . .
What speakers do you have?
currently use Sony SS NA2ES speakers
But it needs a sub
What is your take on the A49 now?
It's a good,clear & powerful amp but lacking in
Depth of emotion(to me) and feeling of listening to real musicians.
Still hear HI-FI rather than audiophile..
I think Rega Osiris would be better