Arcam A-80 thoughts

I am currently using a Harman Kardon HK3380 as my amp. It's phono stage is horrendous, among other issues.

I have listened to the Arcam A65+ and found it to be a pleasant amp, but it's phono stage is still a bit noisy.

Does anybody have any experience with the A80? The associated gear is Acoustic Energy Evo 1 speakers and a Rega P3 turntable with Clearaudio Aurum Alpha wood cartridge.

Cables will probably be Kimber.
Haven't heard the Arcam but you might look into the Roksan Kandy MKIII. Although I rarely listen to vinyl, the phono section on this amp is very good to my ear. A tad less expensive than the Arcam and built just as well.
I owned a A100 once and I thought it was a nice amp. Mine had a very slight transformer buzz. I thought it sounded not as full bodied as the NAD 2600A I was using previously. Treble seemed brighter. When I bought the A100 I was told it was a better sounding amp than the A150. The only HK equipment I own presently is a VXi-550 Receiver. It has a very full bodied sound. A pretty decent receiver w/good bass but not that transparent. (What can you expect from a rec.) I suspect going from your HK you'll have a much more transparent sound w/greater clarity. Bass might be as full, but will be more accurate. I'd say give the Acurus a try and see if it works for you. Can't lose too much.
OOPS! ARCAM! That will teach me to have my coffee! I thought you were asking about an Acurus A80! Sorry. Arcam is very sounding equipment. It will be a major upgrade over the HK. Go for it!!!
I've heard a Rega P3/A80 combo on Wharfedale Evo 30s and ProAc Ref 8s, and I was pretty impressed both times. It will be a significant step up over your HK. The cables were VanDenHul D102s and Kimber Heros. The Heros were more open, the D102s smoother. I've also heard the A65+ and the A80 driving Maggie 1.6s. The bass improvement was substantial with the A80. I was impressed with how well it drove the Maggies. Good luck.