Arcam A-65+ VS Rega Mira 3

This is the head to head combat that I am currently contemplating. I have tried the A65+ but have not yet heard the Mira 3.

I am looking for a quiet, accurate phono stage, and lots of musicality.

I like the personality of the Arcam, but I don't want to purchase it without trying something else.

The Mira 3 is not in stock, and will have to be ordered. Is it worth the effort?
I happen to be a fan of the Mira... for the price it is very open, clean, non-hashy. I have heard good things about Arcam but have not compared the two. I think you could not go wrong with either unit
I used to have both Arcam A65(not plus version and Rega Mira2. I prefer the more lively sound of the Arcam. The Rega was just too boring for me.