Arcam 8 with British power cord

I was recently sent an Arcam alpha 8 cd player from England.
It has the three prong European power cord and I assume is set up for DC power. Would it be expensive to convert it for US usage?
Two items to check: 1) You must ensure the unit is set for 115vac and not the standard 230vac for the UK. I'm not too familiar with the Alpha 8 but it may be changeable as standard or require a transformer change. 2) The UK pattern power cord will have the following color code: Brown is "live" or "hot", Blue is neutral and green/yellow stripe is ground. The US pattern is white, black and green (hope I got that right..??). I also assume the "DC" reference is a typo and you mean "AC"..? Regards, Richard.
read the back of the unit, it will say 240 volt AC 50Hz. It may have a switch on the back for dual voltage but I doubt it. In order for it to work in the US you will need a step up transformer but don't take my word for it, wait for a few more posts to come through and also post this on "Audio".
Thanks, guys. I just looked on the back and it is listed at 230v.
If you can get a qualified audio repairman to look at the unit they can advise if the unit is easily modified from 230vac to 115vac or will require a transformer change. Or as Asacas suggests, try and get a step-up transformer and ensure it has a wattage rating higher than the watts rating on the Arcam data plate. Regards, Richard.