Arcam 72t/73t vs. Music Hall CD25

i have narrowed down my cd player selection to one of these units.

how do they compare sonic wise?

both have got great reviews. also i see people are modding the Music Hall. would that put it that much better than the arcam?

another problem of mine is i want to buy a cd player and a int amp, Cayin TA-30 (bizzy bee TAD), but don't know which unit to buy first. after my first purchase the other will have to wait 2-3 months... decisions decisions.

anyway, can anyone help me in my quest?
My thoughts:

- I own the Arcam 73, it is AMAZING on redbook. I have a heavily-mod'd Pioneer universal player, it too is awesome. It does some things better than the Arcam, but the Arcam is better musically overall (one of those "I can't put my finger on it" things).

- I haven't heard the modified CD25, but I imagine my od'd Pioneer is better than that.

- So if you're sticking to Redbook CD, consider the Arcam 73 (perhaps not the 72, though I'm sure it's fine, too)

As for your other conundrum, more suggestions:

- Buy the amp first.

- Go to, and for about $90 delivered, get a Panasonic DVD player, model DVD-S47, and use that until you can afford a better player.

- The "Pannie" does some absolutely amazing things with redbook audio. See www.audioasylum, do a search on it or the DVD-S55. Also check out, home of Ric Schultz and Electronic Visionary Systems (where I got my Pioneer mod'd). He has some scoop and links on the Panasonic players, as well as a $200 mod that can put it to near-reference level (?)

Whatever the case, lots of luck, and enjoy the ride!

Todd - chams_uk
Thanks Todd!!

yeah i think i want to amp first too.... right now i'm using a Denon 2200 for DVD/CD/SACD, so i think it can carry me over til i purchase a dedicated CD player.
has anyone heard a modded Music Hall & and Arcam 72? do the mods step the MH 25 up past the arcam stock?