Arcam 300AVR sounds simliar to A90?

I currently have to A90. I am think of purchasing the 300AVR. Do they have similar sound? Sometimes I wish the a90 could be a little more exciting. The A90 is fine for stereo but for hometheater I want a little bit more excitement.
I'm not familiar with the A90 but I own the AVR300 and find it plenty dynamic for movies. It's one of the best sounding receivers I've heard for both music and movies.

I'm mainly a 2 channel high end type of person but dynamics are very important to me in large scale orchestral music and rock as well as movies. My torture test for surround sound dynamics is Master & Commander - the Arcam came through with flying colors. It was plenty exciting, plus quite transparent and natural sounding in this very complex and dynamic soundscape.

I do think there is an Arcam family sound and would imagine the AVR300 shares some of those attributes. However, if by "exciting" you mean forward or a tipped up treble then no, I don't think the 300 does that (thank god).

I find the AVR300 works best with an after market PC.