ARC = What are the Golden Amps

I'm looking to purchase a new amp (used). What would you consider as ARC's best vintage amps...looking from late 80's to mid 90's with a budget ceiling of $3500. Since my system is pretty much balanced, would prefer the amp be that way also.

My system:
pre amp: ARC LS 25
Speakers: Wilson Witts (series 1)
Current amp ARC VT 130 --really like it esp for small jazz, all vocals. Want more dynamic range for large scale orchestra (I love Malher)
My favorite vintage amp from ARC would be a D150, but that's the 70s. If you want something that sounds very good and has a lot of power and that fits in your price range, try a VT200MkI (the original, not the II). It has everything: deep, tight low end, open airy mids and highs, imaging, definition, texture, detail - and without being harsh/analytic. It's pretty big, heavy, and will give off some heat - but that's more or less par for high wpc tube amps. I bet you can find one in 8-9 condition for under 3500 and maybe for 3k.

Your PH5 is an excellent unit; it can bring out the best in a cartridge (if you get a chance to try a Shelter at the 901 or better level, it would be highly recommended). Your CD2 could give way to a CD3MkII and I think your CD collection would start to approach what you hear from your LPs.

I believe your first priority should be the CD2, if you listen often to CDs.
Its sound quality leaves much to be desired as compared to a (used) CD7.
For years I used VT130 with Watt/Puppies. I doubt you will do better with any ARC from that period except for VT150 monoblocks. If you did not do the VT130 Infinicap factory upgrade, an equivalent upgrade to better coupling caps is well worthwhile-- or perhaps the Great Northern Sound mods.
vt 200
Thanks for the responses. My local dealer has a pair of M300 MKII that are in the $$ ball park. His perspective is that they are close to the VT 150's. What say you?
I heard the Classic 60 earlier this year. This is PP Triode
if I am not mistaken. It sounded very good, with plenty of detail and texture. This one is a winner IMO.
The Classic 60 sounds fine, but its input stage uses FETs.
Eventually one hears the FET sound and may experience listening fatigue.
I prefer ARC's all-tube amps, the Golden Oldies.
Also, the Classic 60 is under-powered to properly drive Wilson speakers.

Daniel is correct in looking for something in the 150W neighborhood.

One more comment: Wilson usually demoes their speakers at Hi-Fi shows with VTL amps, you may want to audition them.

Vandersteen usually demoes with ARC, the ARC high-definition amps make the Vandies jump up and dance.

I believe both decisions were based on sinergy.
good luck