ARC VTM200 Question

I have ARC VTM200s on ProAc 3.8 and have recently lost the right channel sound. Tube bias readout on the back is showing zero. All tubes appear to be lit up (for what that is worth). Fuse is ok. Anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting it further or should I just call Audio Research?
Thanks in advance
I assume you swapped the input cables on the amps to verify each amp is getting a signal. And try swapping speaker cables to eliminate a problem here too. Then a call to ARC makes a lot of sense.
Sounds like you lost Bias. Pry resistors for bias. Call ARC
and may god be with you.
Problem was blown fuse on input board (that didn't 'look' like it was blown).
Thanks for the suggestions
Appreciate Leonard's help from ARC
I had the same problem with my VTM 200's. I ended up having to replace a fuse under one of the side panels. I agree, Leonard is a jewel. I'd probably go back to SS if he weren't so helpful (glad he is).