ARC VT100MK2 substitute


I would like to replace my ARC VT100 (year 2000) , because tired of expensive retubing and probably making the system too bright.
My system:
I am considering pass labs, plinius , anything else to suggest?
What’s the price i could ask.

Thanks a lot

cyrrix, there is an amp you may be interested in because of it's great sound and low tube cost. It is the Music Reference RM-200 (or RM-200 Mk.2). It produces 100w/ch from only two KT-88's per channel. That much power is not the result of running the tubes hot (which shortens tube life, of course), but rather from the unique design of it's circuit, a creation of the outside-the-box thinker Roger Modjeski.

The RM-200 retailed for $4200---$4500 (depending on year), and the improved Mk.2 is currently around $5000, I believe. They are occasionally available used, about $2000 for the original, $2500-$3000 for the Mk.2. I used the original with an LS16, with which it mated very well, both sonically and electronically (impedance, voltage, etc.). 

How could A VT-100 make a system to bright?

I would think the Beryllium tweeter has a lot to do with that brightness. 
The absolute last problem you have is the amp if you're hearing brightness.

I suspect you have a source problem.

You can save money switching to SS, but I'm willing to bet good money you will gladly go back to ARC after trying SS.

Sometimes people don't know how good they have it (or what the real problem is), so good luck with your strategy.
I have a Pass X250. Previously had a ARC 100.2 which is a really nice amp, but the Pass is much better, at least with my Aerial's. The 100.2 is a SS amp and I'd recommend it highly if that's all the power you need. Agree the VT100 should not be bright but difficult to bias and cost of tubes. My Pass is far from bright. Do you by chance have dedicated circuits with a decent Hubbell receptacle or better? If not; try that first.

I like your choices for SS replacement amps. Keep in mind that both Pass Labs and Plinius run in class-A which will run up your electric bill (negating the savings on replacement tubes).

I prefer a tube preamp with SS power amp.

Good listening!

I also had an LS-15 and a VT-100 Mk II.
I replaced the pair with a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated.  MUCH easier to live with.  Zero regrets!!
I too believe that the problem is not with the AR amp, but with the tweeters in the Focal Speakers.

Before doing something that you may regret, try other amps that are in the similar price point of your existing amp (unless you can afford better).  Listen and determine if that makes the difference you want.  Don't buy until you are sure.  Buying without listening in your system and regretting afterwards really sucks.

I have a hard time believing that the AR amp sounds bright.  Most that I have heard are on the softer side. 

But, some speakers will drive me out of the room.

try to listen in your system first.

I think the OP is really tired of the retubing and he wants a new amp that won't sound bright with his other components.
If he likes the tube sound with much less hassle than a VT 100 Mk II, I repeat my recommendation of the PrimaLuna gear.
If he likes the tube sound with much less hassle than a VT 100 Mk II, I repeat my recommendation of the PrimaLuna gear.
Everyone has their personal tastes, but my amp preference is the Herron M1.  I have 6 Herron Audio amps, 4 x M150 (too early to qualify for upgrade) and 2 M1 amps.  I have never been disappointed with them.  Not transistor cold, but not tube warm, either.  Just very neutral, detailed, dynamic and clean.  Lots of musicality.