ARC VT100 or BAT VK60

I am debating on these two amps ,i HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO A/B THEM but I do like them both. I have an opertunity to purchase a pair of the BAT monoblocks used but am still interested in the vt100mk2.any advise?
I too did a BAT VK60 vs VT100MKII comparison. There have been a few revisions over the years to the VK60s, so make sure you are listining to the latest ones. I ended up with a used VT100MKII. Using it to power Wilson WATT3/Puppy2 fed from a Wadia 860x, the sound, needless to say, is excellent! I also like being able to use the VT100II in my home theater setup and not having to stair at glowing tubes while watching a movie. And if you have pets, they can't burn their little noses on the tubes...
I use a vt100m2. It's the best sounding amp I've ever heard. It is incredibly detailed. I have not heard the BAT.
Know what? I do not think you can make a mistake choosing either. I have VK-60 monoblocks - they are great amps. The ARC is a great amp also. Good listening!!
Hi, I didn't compare the VK60s to the VT100, but I did compare it to its big brother the VT200. The mono VK60s were more open and transparent giving images a uncanny sense of presence. The only area where the VT200 beat the 60s was in bottom end tautness and overall volume levels. I wanted to like the VT200 more because it was a little less money and more power. But to my ears the VK60s blew away the VT200. The ARC sounded grainy in the midrange compared to the BATs, this was very apparent on vocals, females in particular. The sound stage grew in every dimension with the BATs, a tell tale sign of true resolution because that low level information is on the source. The VK60s have the magic of a single-ended amp with the power and control of a push-pull amp. Even in the bottom end the instruments had more space and timbre giving a more realistic sonic view into the bottom octaves. The tightness in the bass depends on how low the impedance dips on your speakers in the low end. This is due to the fact the the Bats are not a push-pull design and have no negative feed-back. On the right speaker the bass of the 60s is very tight buy tube standards. The beauty of the 60s is that down the road if you want more power you can always go to 4 of them, this doubles the power and cuts the output impedance of the amp in half which gives much better control and grip over the speakers. Plus you double the energy storage to a whopping! 1800 joules of energy storage for those demanding musical peaks. Please keep in mind this is only my opinion and please trust your own ears, but to my ears the VK60s are in a whole different league than the ARC. They are startling in their naturalness and have the "MAGIC"