ARC VT100 Mk II vs. BAT VK60

Anyone compared these head-to-head? If so, your thoughts? Does the BAT have the kick of the ARC?
I have not compared them side by side. FYI you can have a BAT VK60 upgrdaed to VK60SE. I am familiar with the VK75se and I have been very impressed, much quicker.

They are both good amps good luck.
I have 2 BAT VK60's running as monoblocks and a AR VT 100Mk II. I definately prefer the BAT amps. The VT 100 wins only in terms of overall resolution. The BAT amps have the more solid bottom end, midrange and better imaging. In all fairness to the VT 100, monoblock BAT's cost about 2x's as much.