ARC VT 200 mkl vs the ARC VT 100 mkll

Has anyone compared these two amps againist each other? I have the MKll and I am considering the 200.
I am also posting (under speaker) the compatibility issues for the amps on my speakers.
I guess this post did not intrigue anyone here??

OK let me restate it. If you were to go with a more powerful power tube amp what would you go for (used if possible). I now have ARC VT 100mk2. Thanks! The unit would be driving an 8 ohm load (Infinity RS-1B's).
Well, it intrigued me enough to go to the ARC website. I can't tell, unfortunately, if the VT200 MkI has the input stage of the VT200 MkII and the VT100 MkIII. The use of the J-FET and 6H30 input tubes in the input stage is the major improvement I've heard in the more recent ARC designs; if those are in the VT200 MkI, then I'd think it would be the better amp. If not, unless you really need the extra 3db of power (and with an 8 ohm load, I'm not sure about that), you might want to consider upgrading your VT100 to MkIII status to take advantage of the new input stage (I hate these constant upgrades, but this one may be worth it).
Your best bet is to visit a dealer who has both. I am a former mkII owner, and I upgraded to a used VT200 at a bargain price, restocked the input/drivers with Amperex, and have found the improvement to be substantial. It's not at all about 3db extra spl. It's about more refined, effortless delivery. The VT200 comes with much better caps -Wondercaps, better power supply, etc.