ARC VT 100mk ll or mk lll or Bat 75SE?????

I currently have an ARC VT 100 mk ll power amp........this is used to drive the top section of my Infinity RS1B's....I am thinking of upgarding to the Mk lll version but just read a review and heard so much about the BAT 75SE I am courious to hear from anyone with experirnce with the mklll ARC vs the BAT.
I expect to hear the BAT this weekend at a friends home so I know that will be a great help in deciding however, I do like the ARC and was wondering about the to hear from ya!

Thanks team!
the vk-75se is a much better amp than either ARC, imho. it should be since it costs at least $2k-$3k more. not to mention the fact that the ARC is less user friendly (no auto-bias) and more expensive to retube (more tubes!).

if you have the cash, get the BAT. BAT stuff rules.
I'd be interested in hearing the results of your listening to the BAT. Do yourself a favor, take your VT-100 over to your friends and do a direct comparison. Just listening to the BAT in a different system isn't going to tell you anything. Let us know what the results are.
I agree with KEVZIEK.the only way to really know though is to invite your friend to your house as well with his BAT. that way you will hear it in your ROOM with your speakers and so on...I have several friends close buy and we have been doing that for years.we do our own shootouts with all kinds of equipment.this is really alot of fun and a great way to get to audio nirvana.I have owned bat stuff and while it is very good,I prefer A.R.C. happy listening,rich
I have surmised that ARC upgrades are not always for the best. Is the price of an upgrade to the MKIII really a great deal? I own a VT 100 MKII and I am happy with whatever I ask it to drive. Let us know what you find out.
Traded my Mk-I for a Mk-III around Thanksgiving. I'm bothered by the fan noise (Mk-I had no fan). I'm thinking of disconnecting it. The Mk-III SOUNDS at least twice as powerful as the 'I. It seems to have more color and a lot more detail (even though I can't turn my LS-9 volume control past 9 o'clock). Without the fan noise, I think it will be very close to "ideal". BTW; I use Audio Artistry Dvorak speakers, 9000ES front-end and HT & Nordost wire.
I own a BAT VK75ES. Loads of pure non colored power. Multiple sets of speaker taps make this amp very easy to use with many different speakers.I am using it with a pair of Verity Audio Parsifals Encores. Auto bias is a major plus.The new super tubes that BAT is using are teriffic. Last issue of Absolute Sound had TWO articles about the VK75SE, they could not say enough good things about it. Yes,it is expensive,but you will not be looking for a new amp for a very long time. I just saw one come up for sale on this site the other day, it's the first one I can remember seeing in over six months. If I were you, I would grab that unit if it is not gone. Bat made a limited number of these,you don't see many used for good reason. Good luck!
I will be listening to the BAT this Sunday (sorry...can't take my ARC along). I shall report my findings.....