Anyone compared the new series ARC 150/250 to the new VTL mb450/s400?

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I have heard the VTL 450s and the REF 210 driving Wilson Sasha's and I much perfer the ARC by a wide margin. IMO, the ARC had much more weight, texture and air to the sound. While the VTL's were "faster", they sounded rather lean, especially at the bottom end.
Which VTL is what matters? VTL 450 Mk3 is in a different league than the earlier product. The original 450 should not be compared to the 210. And the S400 is not a 450. I much prefer the new 450 Mk3 to the earlier versions and the S400. But when you compare to the MB750 it is different. Then the additional power makes a difference, but the improved circuit of the 450 mk3 gives it an edge in detail and transparency.

For me ARC always sounded like SS while VTL sounded like great tubes.