Anyone compared the new series ARC 150/250 to the new VTL mb450/s400?

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I have heard the VTL 450s and the REF 210 driving Wilson Sasha's and I much perfer the ARC by a wide margin. IMO, the ARC had much more weight, texture and air to the sound. While the VTL's were "faster", they sounded rather lean, especially at the bottom end.
Which VTL is what matters? VTL 450 Mk3 is in a different league than the earlier product. The original 450 should not be compared to the 210. And the S400 is not a 450. I much prefer the new 450 Mk3 to the earlier versions and the S400. But when you compare to the MB750 it is different. Then the additional power makes a difference, but the improved circuit of the 450 mk3 gives it an edge in detail and transparency.

For me ARC always sounded like SS while VTL sounded like great tubes.
I have always loved classic VTL's house sound right until before Siegfred. (admittedly, not heard their most recent line-ups). And have never quite care for ARCs up until their current REF Series.

Putting aside power capabilities, to me best sounding VTL is still their legendary VTL90 Monos from mid '90s (push-pull triode, WE300Bx4/side), much preferred their tonality even to Siegfreds. Whilst for ARC, their latest REF series is imo vast improvements over older REF600mkIII (or REF610T for that matter) in most musically important aspects.

I doubt that many posters here/if any, have made actual direct comparison of the specific current models as per your query. Rather, more of the cliche generalization/perceptive characters of each--so best to seek out means for an in-home audition direct. Imo, both are excellent candidates--in that ultimately taste will decide.

For your speakers, in the higher power tubed run, I'd also add current crops of CAT and VAC to your shortlist.. Or, Jadis if you seek for an even fuller presentation. Good luck..
For the Isis, I think CAT JL3 and BAT Rex Power are your main choices. I don't know of anyone using Audio Research, so they may work, but are with some risk. I considered VAC, but worried about the bass with the 300, and the 450 is out of reach for me. Avalon shows with VTL (not that means a single thing), and the VTL seems to have its advocates and critics.

My approach was to create a sound that transcended what people regard as solid state or tubes. Unfortunately, many people do not seem to think this can be achieved. The most instrumental pieces after a tubed preamp with overkill on power reserves, was the Tripoint Troy and Jade Audio cables. If you want to have a listen, let me know. The sound is so palpable, clear, dynamic, and extended. No noise, no hardness.
I've found that ARC doesn't really maintain the same sound from model to model, so I wouldn't really weigh any opinions on models other than the ones in which you're interested.

That being said, I did have a chance to listen to the 150. It was excellent, but I was listening through Magnepan 3.7's with an LS27 preamp and an Esoteric K01. All I can say is that the 150 is a great amp.