arc vs electrocompaniet

Is anyone familiar with both the Audio Research cd3 and the Electrocompaniet player or dac? Which comes out on top and why.
i am a longtime fan of electrocompaniet and arc, but i have to say that both companies'digital frontends are about style over substance...between the two i would pick the arc if we're talking a long term investment. electrocompaniet is a bit fussier and less forgiving on older compact discs..arc also is historically famous for reliability and an outstanding dealer network. ec is a bit like an exotic sports car..its appealing yet unreliable.
Give the Wadia line a listen.
I have the EC dac and a friend suggested the ARC cd3 would be a big step forward. Do you agree? Is this a step forward or sideways.
Everytime I put my 45 lb EMC-1 SE back on "top" of my 5 ft cabinet I hurt my back!
Jrd351, what would consider a good CD player that has substance over style?
the mcintosh 205(changer),pink triangle numeral,roksan caspian....all sound 'natural'like the best analogue..and all blow away most of the mega expensive and hyped players...sorry for the delayed response, i was on vacation.