ARC Sp8 mk2 tube suggestions

Hi there,Iam starting the new year off with a a sp8 mk2 for my reference pre (in the mail).I would appreciate tube suggestions,thankyou.The sp8 has recently had new tubes from ARC.Iam a big fan of vintage tubes,thanks again.
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I tried a bunch (most of the popular choices, except Telefunken, which I'm sure would be good - just didn't have the opportunity to try those). For the most part Siemens (the older the better) were the winners. Enjoy the SP8 MkII - it's a classic.
Thankyou.did you try 5751 inplace of the 12ax7 at all ?,Ill give it a try anyway just to know.
I think you should check with ARC on that; I think they might tell you it's not recommended - but that's just a guess
Thanks Hi hifi,there is a good thread on tech talk.