ARC Reference se

Hello guys and gals,are you still happy with your preamp,youve been a little quiet lately.Im getting there, cheers.
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Yes ... the Ref 5 SE and the Ref 150 amp make for a terrific combination. I think the bottleneck is the quality of the music which I find very spotty. Been very impressed with hi-def/hi-rez redbook CDs, e.g., from MoFi label. Acoustic Sounds has a nice offering.

IMO, the Ref 5 SE and Ref 150 really show their colors when negotiating complex and dynamic music without compression or distortion. As stated, it's the quality (or lack thereof) of the source material that's frustrating.
Yes,I know what you mean.I went from the ls 15 to the ref 5 se and,I like what Im hearing.Its thinned out some of my music,but the good recordings are really good.
Using it as part of a home theatre set up, I had chalked up over 1400 hours. Swapped to the tubes out for a Cryo-ed matched set and have to say it sounds pretty damn good now. Properly run in, it takes over 500 hours IMHO.
I went from REF 3 to REF 3 SE by adding the extra cap.board.
I know in the REF 5 SE also the outputcaps are changed , but as I don 't have these output caps anymore I was quickly ready.Did not swap the internal wiring.You all know the improvement by the extra
Hey mate,I was wondering if different tubes,could improve things.
Yes different tubes do lot change , I 'm using now all NOS 6H30P-DR and the NOS TUNGSOL 6550 black plate.(also in CD7)
If you would like to swap the Russian 6H , there is now in Holland ( Europe ) available ECC 903 NOS Telefunken, they made a special tubefoot which bears two tubes , which makes
a double triode.No other parts to change , just replace the 6H tubes.
Misternice, yes tubes can change the character of a preamp.

But the 6H30s used by ARC isn't particularly common. There are only 2 brands still being manufactured and I understand they are built in the same factory. I got a set of matched/cryoed 6H30s from cryoset.

There are some highly sought after 6H30DR NOS from the 80s which are very pricey. I gather from feedback that they sound the best but they are about 10x more than the current production 6H30s. And there are a lot of fakes around so be careful where you get them from.
Thankyou,ill do a little research.
Reading some posts,the 6h30 DR are a huge improvement,over the standard tubes.Ill have to get some,it will play on my mind forever if I don't.I do know,with other tubes,nos, absolutely smashes the new stuff.A member on Audiogon has them.
@ Hansk46

Most interesting re ECC 903 replacement of an 6H30 , I take it we are talking an double adapter socket that plugs directly into the 9 pin socket that would house the single 6H ?

I would be grateful for any further information regarding where such a socket is available for purchase ?

Yes,please let us know how 8 telefunkens sound.Awesome I'm guessing.
Hello forum members, I can give you the side : , take the heading componenten , at this page take the heading buizen = tubes ,at this page take the search in the right upper corner and write down
6H30P-DR , you will see a picture of the double triode ECC903 , take the artikelgegevens , there is a explanation , in Dutch , but if you send an Email in English no problem.People who have done this expensive exchange are very happy with the result.BTW ,I don't work for this company, but have let done major upgrades in my ARC stuff.
Thankyou,for the info on the telefunkens,it is very interesting, I think all up they may cost twice as much as the 6h30 dr.mmm maybe not this time.Ill give the dr s a go next.I read some have tried just 2,in the mix,Ive done that before with 6dj8 and 6922 on a different pre with good results.A matched quad would be better I think
i had the 6H30DR Russian tubes replaced by the ECC 903 Telefunken from Triple Audio, in my Audio Research LS25II, modified by Creato Audio, a huge difference, worth every Euro