ARC Reference 5SE Circuit Voltages

Whilst I fully appreciate that ARC Central's policy would be to forcably lobotomise anyone outside of the program who obtains 'classified' information in respect of company circuit diagrams I would be most grateful should anyone be in a position to advise me as to the relevant circuit voltages and loadings of the 6550 valve within the power supply section of the Ref 5SE ?
"Whilst I fully appreciate...ARC Central's policy..."

No you don't. If you did, you wouldn't have posted this request.
Thank you for your response Kevin , most kind.

Perhaps you might extrapolate my initial post to read ~

Whilst I fully appreciate that ARC would not endorce a full circuit diagram being made available to non company personnel would it endanger the foundations of ARD Central were the operating voltages and loadings of the valve set within a piece of equipment , no longer covered by an ARC warranty , to be made known to the owner of said equipment !

Perhaps you might expand a little upon your less than illuminating initial effort .
It would appear that ARC is no more interested in your silly 7581A experiment than I am.
One would hardly expect ARC to respond ,via open forum ,to my left field technical musings now would one !

Having briefly scanned through your recent posting history I can but wonder whether you may have made a typo in your forum ID via a misplaced 2nd K !

As we shall not be corresponding again I will bid you 'Good Day'

as usual what I see here at Audiogon is the manufacturer of Audio nor the official repair centre is not willing to give you any info about parts , or technical info.I wonder if this against eq European rules .It is strange because in the automotive industrie you can get the software of cars , buy parts at shops not related to the brand .I'm not talking about losing your garanty , thats another question.But getting the info for which Tsushima1 is asking he has to wait until somebody will be so helpful to measure or let measure the data he wants.( I 'm sorry for you , I have the REF3)