ARC Reference 3 versus Modwright 9.0 SE

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the sound of these two excellent preamps? I know its an unfair test since the Modwright is much less expensive, but I would be very interested in anyone's impressions from direct experience.
You said - "I know its an unfair test since the Modwright is much less expensive"...

Sorry I can't comment on a ARC, but will state I was using a $6500 linestage while auditioning a ModWright SWL 9.0 SE about 2 years ago.

At 100 hours of break-in on the ModWright, the other preamp was already listed on AGon. When the SWL had 200 hours on it, UPS was picking up my sold $6500 retail unit.

There's a LOT of Bang for the Musical Buck with the ModWright, so even though not as expensive as some competitors... there's no need to feel it's unfair to compare it to 3x+ higher units. As it can run in the same circle as with the other big price tag boys!
Just saw this on 6moons Industry News, and figured it was worth sharing.

March 07: ModWright to the limit - The LS 36.5 [$4,995] is Dan Wright's new flagship preamp for an official April launch this year. Running a pair of 6H30s from an internal 5AR4 tube-rectified power supply, the piece pioneers a new look with a massive all-aluminum enclosure and deep etchings of the ModWright logo. The remote now is Dan's own and adds phase reversal (also duplicated on the front panel).

Connectivity includes 4 x RCA inputs, 1 x XLR input, 1 x tape output, 2 x RCA main outputs and 1 x XLR main output. New key circuit parts are MWI pure Teflon film/foil and oil-impregnated poly caps custom-designed by ModWright Instruments. Compared to Dan's existing linestage, the LS 36.5 is claimed to offer a 4 x lower noise floor, improved bandwidth and a completely redesigned tube output stage.
There are more pics and info on AudioCircle.

WOW... The LS 36.5 looks Smokin Hot and Sexy!
I know this is off topic, but has anyone had the chance to hear the new phonostage by Modwright? Any leads to reviews?
Looks like a Modwright Phono Stage review just posted on PFO over the holiday weekend.