arc ref3 phono stage

Category: Preamps

Most of the posts I've read of the arc Ref3 are from folks using a seperate phono stage. My question is does anybody use the phono stage in the Ref3? How do you like it? I've got an Audible Illusions MA3 which has a great phono stage but would like to upgrade eventually. Thanks for your responses. Joe.
Pretty sure the ARC Ref-3 has no built-in phono stage.
The Ref 3 is a line stage only.
Confirm Dweller ... Ref 3 is a linestage. If vinyl is your thing, you'll have to buy a separate phono pre. Ditto CDP and DAC.
Thanks, my bad. Has anybody used a Manley Steelhead with an ARC vt-100 mk.2?